Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Don't Understand ...

Why "Sep-19-2010:  Spinnin' on the "TT" Course" is so popular.

It is the first post after the Blue Ridge Parkway ride post.
It shares / exposes my frustration at being unable to compose the BRP post.
It shares / exposes my non-worry about a consistent tense or voice.
But ... that's about it.

It is not a quintessential post.
It is not a meaningful post.
It ... isn't anything ... really. 
Except that it fits the "I post every ride" schtick.

I don't see why or how that post should pop to the top of any "search requests" made on the blog or on Google or elsewhere.

Yet, based on the "All time" stats, it is sixth viewed posts.
And it continues to show up on "Monthly," "Weekly" or "Daily" stats with a "view" or two.
(It's not me viewing that post.)

I don't understand WHY anyone would visit or view that post ... apparently repeatedly.
While I'm on the subject ...

I Don't Understand Why "Dec-11-2010:  An LT Hill Training "Shadow Ride" ...
is my number two "All Time" most popular post.

My most popular post is "Jun-26/27-2010:  Full Moon Kerr Lake Loop"
 _ _ I get why that is popular.  How many full moon 200k rando perm write-ups have you seen?

My third most popular post is the Blue Ridge Parkway post.
 _ _ I get why that might be popular.

My fourth most popular post is the August-2010 Morrisville 200k Brevet and Picnic post.
 _ _ I completely get why that might be popular.
 _ _ A unique, interspersed five-voice report, four of whom were doing their first ever brevet,
 _ _ _ _ pretty well "put together" (even if I do say so, myself),
 _ _ _ _ _ _ ought to be popular.

But I do NOT get WHY the Spinnin' post continues to get "attention."
And I do not get why LT's "Shadow Ride" got so much "attention."
 _ _ (Well ... that was early winter ... northerners may have been desperate for cycling reading.)

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