Monday, September 5, 2011

On Blog Stats

Those that don't have a blog probably won't understand the following.
Even many of those that do have a blogspot blog might not understand.
But ...

For several months, I have been wondering WHY anyone / someone would repeatedly view
A particular blog post from late Sep-2011.
That post says nothing, and is completely boring.

Recently, I happened to sign-in and, for kicks, check the daily blog stats ...
And was able to determine that the person that was repeatedly viewing that post ...
Is in Germany.

I left them a note (or tried to) ... wondering / asking why they had bookmarked that post ...
Rather than the blog "home" URL.

Just now, I happened to check the blog stats again ...
Germany is still coming in through that late Sep-2011 post.
At least the second time today.

It isn't harmful or anything.
Just ... I don't understand such a curious thing.
Stranger is / was the 41 instantaneous page-views originating from the Netherlands the other day.
I happened to be signed in, trying to figure out the new blogger behind-the-scenes interface,
And suddenly, 41 page-views ... all from the Netherlands.
I assume that was some sort of troll or attempted attack on Blogger or my computer.
But I don't really know.


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  1. Martin, did you figure out what was going on here? Robert