Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tour de Moore 2011

Ags, Tito, RedRocket, and IvaHawk participated in the Tour de Moore Classic on Labor Day 2011. Rain threatened, but aside from one thorough dousing near the beginning, it was a dry, even sunny, day. With gravity assist, we went out fast making it to the first rest stop averaging nearly 20 mph. No, I haven’t become cat 1. It was mostly downhill. After that we had an aggressive but reasonable pace. The others had to wait for me after some climbs as usual.

After the ride, we relaxed in Ags’s very nice camo camp chairs enjoying Fat Tire draft and a pasta supper. We missed the other Irregulars and wish they could have been there.

Total time: 7:05
Moving time: 6:10 (yes, nearly an hour of sag time)
Distance: 102.4
Average moving: 16.6
Elevation gain: 3,773

For comparison, here are some other ride elevation gains:
- Mayo Lake Century: 3,407
- Raven Rock Century: 3,105
- Bobbitt 72 miler: 4,182
- Whirlygig 113 miles: 1,967
- Last 50 miles of Bridge to Bridge (without the final 2 miles up GF Mt): 7,134

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  1. It is interesting to collect a consistent set of elevation / climbing data to compare to the "TrimbleOutdoors" estimates:

    Mayo Lake -- Hawk 3407, Trimble 2835,
    Raven Rock - don't have a Trimble map,
    Bobbitt - -- Hawk 4182. Trimble 1510, hmmn?

    Maybe you refer to the Bobbitt - Egypt Mtn route. Trimble estimates 2255 for that one. Still hmmn. Does Trimble under-estimate by half? Wow.

    Whirligig -- available map is for 143 mile version, for which Trimble estimates 2510. (The vast majority of the climbing on that route is from PUE to Youngsville, and Youngsville to PUE -- which are before and after, respectively, the 103 mile "central core" of the ride.)
    16.6 mph.

    There seems to be no one left in the group as slow as me any more.

    I checked the blog for your stats from last year: "104.4 miles on my odometer vs 105.7 on the cue sheet. Total trip time was 7 hours (I think) maybe more. Time on my confuser was 6:18 for average speed of 16.5."

    It appears the TdM course got shorter (I wouldn't know as I've never done it), but you were virtually the same avg pace as last year. But last year, you noted the lack of "group riding"; maybe this year was better on that score?