Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sep-03: IR Bearpond-Bobbitt

The name of the route is Bearpond-Bobbitt because:

  • who can resist putting "Bearpond" in the name, and Bearpond, which is just south of South Henderson, is the northernmost point of the route, and 
  • Bobbitt because that is the location of the old country store / gas station that could benefit from a few dollars from a few cyclists, and as such, is the planned "refueling stop".  The gas stations / convenience stores at Bearpond and Gill don't need our cyclist dollars -- they get lots of automobile customers as those locations are located on Old-US-1 and right next to new US-1.  However, Bobbitt, just 4 or 5 miles away, does NOT get auto traffic from off of US-1 and is strategically located among some very good cycling roads.  I'd like that store to still be there when I, or some other cyclist, really need it.  A few dollars periodically from a few cyclists might help make the difference. 

PUE:  Bearpond - Bobbitt:  72 m.
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0.0 R 2.0 Pleasant Union Church Rd.
2.0 L 13.3 Six Forks Rd ---> New Light ---> Bruce Garner ---> Pokomoke
15.3 L 3.3 Gordon Moore
18.6 R 0.3 NC-56
18.9 L 3.4 Mt. Olive Ch Rd
22.3 L 1.7 Green Hill Rd
24.0 str 5.6  (x Tar River) ---> Charlie Grissom Rd
29.6 L 6.0 Lynnbank Rd regroup @ ChGrissom / Lynnbank
35.6 R 0.7 Raleigh Rd / US-1-Bus   @ Bearpond 
36.3 L 0.1 Peter Gill Rd   @ Gill 
36.4 immed R 3.3 Bobbitt Rd
39.7 RS   @ Bobbitt store food & drink only  --  no restrooms
str 7.5       continue South on Bobbit Rd ---> Walter Grissom Rd ---> Sims Bridge Rd
47.2 R 4.7 W. River Rd ---> Mason St in Franklinton 
51.9 L 0.8 Cheatham St
52.7 str 14.8  (x US-1) ---> Pokomoke Rd ---> Bruce Garner ---> New Light
67.5 R 1.1 Ghoston Rd
68.6 R 0.2 NC-98
68.8 L 1.7 Peed Rd
70.5 L 1.7 Mt. Vernon Church Road
72.2 L 0.1 Pleasant Union Church Rd
72.3 R Finish in parking lot

Story ...



Due to ... circumstances, rather than the comfortable / leisurely ride I was looking forward to, BobH and I "hammered" from 18.6 miles into the ride (corner of Gordon Moore and NC-56 to the just after climbing "Charlie Grissom Mtn", and then again through the end of the Bearpond-Bobbitt route).  Bob is doing Bridge-2-Bridge in a two or three weeks, so a hard ride was good for him.  As for me ... after last Sunday's debacle, it was nice to confirm that thirty-two 200+ kilometer rides in the last 11 months has given me a good base ... a base from which I can, if I want, leave annoying people behind (I can also ride slowly enough that I can drop annoying people off my front ... and then turn on to a different road).

---> LT's ---> PUE:  Bearpond-Bobbitt --> ; 84.0 m.
; 5h,16m in-motion; 15.9 mph. 

Q-1 tot: _23 rides; _1822.2 m.; 123 hrs, 05 min; 14.8 mph. 
Q-2 tot: _30 rides; _2604.9 m.; 174 hrs, 22 min; 14.9 mph. 
J-A tot: _23 rides; _1944.0 m.; 128 hrs, 29 min; 15.1 mph.
Sep tot: __1 rides; ___84.0 m.; __5 hrs, 15 min; 15.9 mph. 
YTD tot: _77 rides; _6455.1 m.; 431 hrs, 13 min; 15.0 mph. 

[I missed not having the monthly, quarterly, YTD summary.  I'm not blogging all the rides any more, I might not show the summary all the time, but I missed not seeing it.  After all, the info on the course, pace, and the summary was the reason I started this blog -- and I just don't want to give that up.] 

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