Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aug-28: Kerr Lake Loop 208 km Permanent

From HelpER to HelpEE on KLL in only 8 days.  

Rick R, coming off bronchitis, and hoping to save his R-series, rode with me. 
He figured he'd be slowing me down. 
I figured I would ride with some gusto, again, and pull / help Rick. 
Wrong, wrong, wrong!

On a "severe clear" day that should have been great for checking the scenery and taking photos, 
But with my shoulder and elbow still aching some (but not as bad as they were), 
I looked around barely at all. 
Partially no-look because of the shoulder and the associated aches in the neck, 
But mostly because ... I was too tired to do anything but keep the bike on the road. 

I was lucky enough to have Alan's "no-go" on upslopes, 
And MikeH's legs attempting to cramp (beginning in Clarksville, maybe before). 
Took a lot of small (or not so small) breaks.  

We finished in 12h,06m. 

At least, assuming it gets approved, Rick got his R-ride in.  

---> Kerr Lake Loop 209 km Permanent; 141.8 (10.6 miles to the start)
.; 9h,38m in-motion (36m.42s to the start); 14.7 mph; rando-route elapsed clock time:  12h,06m.   


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