Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aug-14: Black Creek 204 km Perm

Not a single rain drop!

At "oh-dark-thirty", big rain finally passed through the north Raleigh area.
More storms were expected throughout the day.
Some possibly with hail and all the other stuff a thunder-storm brings.

Wakefield McD's by 0600.  It is empty.
0602, the staff with the key arrives.
0605, McD's lights up and comes to life.
So much for business hours commencing at 0600.
Their website still indicates 0530.

Long time thinking about whether to chance the weather.
And / or waiting to see if ChrisW would show.
He didn't.
0630 comes and goes.  (And quite a bit of time after that, too.)
But I finally got a receipt ... and decided it seemed like one of those days that
If you defy the weather forecast,
You end up with a great day for cycling.

Wet roads.  Damp roads.  Drying roads.  Dry.

Breeze from the south outbound.
Slightly off starboard bow until Hornes Church.
Then head-on all the way to Black Creek.
But only a breeze.

OVERCAST.  Clouds breaking up.  Partly sunny.  SUNSHINE.

Breeze from the southwest inbound.
Tailwind to Hornes Church.
Then mostly off the port bow.
But only a breeze.

Shoulder aches.  Elbow pains.
Most positions aggravate one or the other or both.
Enough ache that I sometimes feel nauseous.

Confuser okay at the start.
But on the first downslope on Purnell Rd, the humidity seems too much.
Confuser never stops pretending to record distance and time.
But ... I know it is dropping a lot of miles ... and some time-in-motion.

Somewhere around Hornes Church or Wilson,
Apparently there has been enough direct sun and heat to finally dry out the confuser.
The speed readings make sense, anyway.
(At Black Creek, I estimate the confuser has lost 12+ miles, but only 4 minutes of time-in-motion.)
I reset it for the trip homebound.

Black Creek Grocery closed.
Of course.
Black Creek a veritable ghost-town.
Saw nary a human on Center Street.
Pen handy to fill in the impromptu info control question at 1200.
Considering when I actually left McD's ... pretty good time.

Start back after eating from pockets and visiting the community wash / rest room.  1220.

It isn't that I felt tired per se.
But I didn't have a lot of pizazz in the legs or the guts.
Most of the day felt as if I was in 600 km pace mode,
Instead of a pace / cadence appropriate for a mostly flat 200k.

The occasional naseous feeling didn't help.
The aches and pains in the shoulder and elbow didn't help.

Finally, somewhere after the "climb" from Sutton,
It was "the heck with this" and I forced myself out of the saddle on an upslope
And forced some cadence.
Things seemed a lot better after that.

Sun was getting warm, and although I had found some guts,
I decided to visit Alan's favorite bench outside the Subway on the west edge of Youngsville.
18 minutes to rest the body and mind, and to chase the hot-foot away, were what was needed.
I actually did the last 12 miles or so, the hilly section, with a little bit of gusto.

Also counts as C-18 and M-30.
 _ Don't know if I'll be able to get P-4 this month, though.
Career "Eddiington cycling number", E = 77.
 _ I.e., I have at least 77 rides that were at least 77 miles long.

Showdown in Black Creek 204 km Permanent; 127.0.; 8h,32m in-motion; 14.9 mph; rando elapsed clock time:  11h,08m. 

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