Thursday, August 25, 2011

Final Word on Ricochet Robert on P-B-P

Here is the final P-B-P rider progress report on Robert:

       Contrôle                                Heure                 Cumul                       Intermédiaire

SAINT-QUENTIN-EN-YVELINES  21-08 20:01  0h000 km/h0h000.1 km/h
VILLAINES-LA-JUHEL22-08 05:549h5322.4 km/h9h5322.4 km/h
FOUGERES22-08 10:40    14h39    21.2 km/h    4h46    18.7 km/h
TINTENIAC22-08 13:44  17h43 20.5 km/h3h0417.6 km/h
LOUDEAC22-08 21:0225h01   17.9 km/h   7h17   11.6 km/h
CARHAIX-PLOUGUER23-08 03:4831h4716.5 km/h6h4511.2 km/h
BREST23-08 11:0539h0415.8 km/h7h1712.8 km/h
CARHAIX-PLOUGUER23-08 19:0647h0514.9 km/h8h0110.6 km/h
LOUDEAC24-08 02:1654h1514.4 km/h7h0911 km/h
TINTENIAC24-08 08:4660h4514.3 km/h6h2913.1 km/h
FOUGERES24-08 12:1264h1114.3 km/h3h2615.7 km/h
VILLAINES-LA-JUHEL24-08 20:3172h3013.9 km/h8h1810.6 km/h

Heure estimée d'arrivée au prochain controle entre 25-08 02:20 et 25-08 04:10
Kilomètres parcourus: 1009 
I received this message from Angi, Robert's wife: 

Had a message from Robert. He didn't make it. Hmmmm. Bummer.
NOT what I expected to be posting, but ...

Congratulations, Robert !!
1000 kilometers !! 
Your longest ride ever by 400 kms.

Probably on strange food on a stomach that doesn't "do" strange food. 
We know it was in an unfamiliar language.

I look forward to hearing about the good stuff.
And the bad.

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  1. Martin,

    dnf but great experience riding on one cheek hard to do after many miles I had the legs lungs stomach but w legs at diffent position and pain could not sleep enough as got closer to control closing times. Left villaines two hrs buffer and had to stop on side of road to sleep More later.