Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More From Guatemala

Following up on the previous post:  
When local cyclists received their Irregular donations of helmets, seats, pumps, tires and wheels, they were ecstatic.  Young Guatemalan cyclists ride bikes that are old, heavy and sometimes very rusty. Many ride without helmets and on tires/tubes that have been repaired dozens of times. Those are some of the reasons that the donations of bike parts from Irregular members to young cyclists is mucho appreciated.  
Jorge L., the owner of the one bike store in town, is also the organizer of most local races.  He wants to thank any of you who might want to clean our your attics and garages of old biking parts, especially tires, tubes, helmets, pedals and shoes.  
I will deliver future donations when I return to Guatemala in early 2012. 

A short photo essay (I believe that all these photos were taken by Tito's "friend", Kim):  
At the start line. 
Kim's hero in action. 
Award presentation, or thank-you? 

Irregulars should embiggen the photo, and check out the print on the sign. 
Jorge and Tito bookend a recipient of a helmet. 

Here are some enthusiastic young cyclists from Bosareyes who could use our extra helmets. 

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