Thursday, August 18, 2011

If I Had a Cyclo-Touring Company

Or, Reasons to Ride  

If I had a cyclo-touring company ... I might use photos such as the following to advertise the scenery and roads of central North Carolina to people living in over-crowded cities and/or states (all photos were taken on a single Irregulars ride in November-2010 and are courtesy of Gary Smith, TLC-4-Bikes):

In the valley of Bold Run Hill. 

Still in the valley of Bold Run Hill?

Smooth asphalt.  No traffic. 
NOT the usual livestock ... unless you know where to look. 

Stretching one's back ... in the middle of the road.  No traffic here. 

Into the valley of the Flat Rock.  We'll go back up the other side ... again. 

Not sure which road this is.  Colorful though.  No traffic. 

What more could one ask for? 

It is ALL about knowing where to go. 


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