Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where to Find the Time

It is hard, right now, to find the time to blog my two weekend rides.
Because the time I could have used to do that ...
Has been used checking on friends and acquaintances currently in France or Alaska.
(Although I've only checked on Alaska once.)

Irregular and rando buddy Ricochet Robert appears to be riding with plenty of Ricochet.
Randos Jerry and Ian appear to be leap-frogging and near Robert.
Branson is a BEAST !!
MikeD appears to be near Jerry and Ian and Robert.
That probably means Cap'n Ende, also.

However, some of our "North Carolina" contingent have "Abandoned".
As I type this, I know that RonM and Chloe have abandoned.
I'm concerned about Thai and Denis and Sara and Gary.

Sara and Gary have a special place in my rando-heart.
They got me to the finish of my first 400 last year.
Without them ... I'm not sure I would have kept trying rando.
I hope the reports on them have simply been delayed and that
They continue to make their way across northern France,
Sara with her signature smile, and
Gary with his "cat that swallowed the canary" grin that he always has when he rides with Sara.

If, however, any of them have had to abandon, or have to abandon in the next couple days,
Perhaps they will follow the advice of Sridhar:
"How often do you expect to be cycling across France?  Take a nap, and finish the ride, anyway."

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