Friday, September 30, 2011

Sep-29: Mid-week (?) Black Creek 204 km Perm

Clean, green, quiet, sunny with pleasant morning shadows, tailwind.
At least to Hornes Church outbound.

It was dry and mostly cloudy until around Daddysville or Pine Ridge or Sutton.
Then it was dry and sunny -- as the front had completed its passage.
Headwind the entire homebound trip.
It was work.
The rolling terrain from Youngsville to Purnell broke up the surface winds,
But the UPs on the valley crossings were still work.
At least I had to work them -- MikeH apparently not so much.

Oh, and the morning quiet?  ...  was replaced with quite a bit of traffic on 98 and Tarboro Rd.
I think an hour or two earlier (based on admittedly only one previous mid-week ride) ... less traffic.

Net summary for this ride?
See the Aug-21 write-up for this same route.
That applies more to this ride than last month's ride.
Sep-29:  Showdown in Black Creek 204 km Permanent; 127.0 m.; est. 8h,24m in-motion; 15.1 mph; elapsed time 10h,55m  +  however long I took to get a receipt

Q-1 tot: _23 rides; _1822.2 m.; 123 hrs, 05 min; 14.8 mph. 
Q-2 tot: _30 rides; _2604.9 m.; 174 hrs, 22 min; 14.9 mph. 
J-A tot: _23 rides; _1944.0 m.; 128 hrs, 29 min; 15.1 mph.
Sep tot: __6 rides; __535.2 m.; _34 hrs, 36 min; 15.5 mph. 
YTD tot: _82 rides; _6906.3 m.; 460 hrs, 32 min; 15.0 mph. 

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