Monday, September 19, 2011

Commentaries and Reflections

I haven't been blogging every ride lately, but the only ones missing are a couple / few insubstantial spin-out-the-legs type things and one test-ride of prospective permanent populaire route.  I wasn't going to blog about the test-ride, but I realize that this blog brings back forgotten memories.  I think I will put up a short post about that test-ride ... in a couple days.

Ride early or don't ride at all.
That isn't advice ... it is a summary of what happens to me if I don't ride first thing of the day.
Only time that I counter that is when I'm specifically meeting someone later in the day.

Past commentaries and reflections worth remembering / re-reading:

Solo versus group riding.
A particular rando friend noted that they had seen and read that post some time ago.
They thought the one disadvantage of going solo outweighed all the advantages noted.
I didn't tell her, but sometimes, I think that "disadvantage" is the biggest advantage.

Reflections on why we ride.
The section in the above-link with the blue-type ... no additonal comment.

A cycling poem.
I wrote the above specifically about the Irregulars.
I suspect that it applies to almost every group or club.

The poem consists of 6-couplets.
Each line is diametrically the opposite of the line with which it is coupled. 

Sometimes, I have heard both lines of a given couplet regarding the same ride. 
Sometimes, I have heard both lines of a given couplet from the same person, a few months apart.  
I admit that I have sometimes said one or more of the lines from the poem.   

The next time you make a suggestion or complain to your ride leader,   
Please do make your opinion known -- how else can the needs of all be taken into account.   
But please recognize that at least one of your friends is probably thinking the exact opposite,  
And the ride leader is probably trying to balance several interests. 

Sometimes it is a small world.
The above is as close as I have come to social or political commentary in this blog.
I don't do politics or religion or business when I'm recreating.
A rando friend has noted that one cannot detect my political leanings from this blog.

Something frivolous.
I have no idea why I entitled that post "back to the future".

Lucky or blessed.
The above is as close to a philosophical post in this blog as there is.

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  1. Oh, my!

    I just realized that today is the second anniversary of my crash!

    That is something worth NOT remembering!

    Except for post-mortem type remembering. I.e., don't make a certain type mistake again.