Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Like This

It is rather as if I'm patting myself on the back, but ...

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Sunday afternoon I had a dental crisis of sorts and so Monday morning the Porsche driving good dentist worked me into his schedule.  (I'm sure I've made at least 3 of his car payments over the last two years.)  Anyway, $300 lighter in the wallet, and with a follow up scheduled for another $300 dollar wallet lightening, the morning rando was out of the question being 11:00 am by the time I got home.

But, I did manage to ride the first segment to the intersection of Rocky Ford and Epsom.  Being mid afternoon I turned left to ride home on Epsom rather than turning right to continue on the course.  Gawd!  I love Sims Bridge Road!  I [had] never been in that direction.  ... I dead reckoned my way back to Raleigh by getting over to Fairport and then the usual Cannady Mills headwind route back home.  (now there is another [bleeping] dog near the same place where you were attacked)  Ended up with 90 miles and it was dark by the time I hit my driveway, but the front and rear "blinkies" made all the difference with traffic.

So I now have 9 days to get a 200KM ride in for January.  Tues/Wed/Thurs of next week are looking good (warmest) so ... .  I can't wait to ride the full route.



The reference by Hans to me being attacked by a dog is NOT the one (or pack) I mentioned in regards to my recent Egypt Mtn ride.  Instead, he refers to Aug-08-2010 and a location that is on U.S. Bike Route #1 (and the rando Kerr Lake Loop).  

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