Friday, July 2, 2010

Jul-02: The Glorious 2nd of July

I don't know what the temperatures were this morning, but it was glorious.
I don't know what the humidity was this morning, but is was glorious.
There was just the right amount of sunshine, and it was glorious.
I know where three guys rode, and how fast, and how much they enjoyed the morning,
And there is only one phrase to describe it all:
It was glorious.

The Mallet, Aggs and I met at BJP for an 0800 wheels-away.  Well, Aggs arrived at 0801, mentioning that some advantages of an 0600 wheels-away were that no neighbors were up that early to talk to him and that there was no traffic from house to ride at the earlier hour.  We were wheels-away at 0807, by my watch.  (We had expected two more, but I later found an e-mail with a Thursday night time-stamp of 11:43 pm, informing they were "out".  Must be taking lessons from the Duke, who has been known to send me e-mails time stamped at 2 or 3 a.m. changing his status from "in" to "out".)

The weather was fantastic, er, glorious!  Did I mention that? 

The Mallet, having ridden about 9 miles to the ride, was warmed up.  Neither Aggs nor I were warmed up.  Aggs claimed to be suffering from "tennis legs" from late the night before.  I was suffering from my usual "I take forever to warm up" combined with "I rode pretty hard on Wednesday" (not that I'd want to mention that on Wednesday I rode faster than I had EVER done before for a ride of more than 19 miles). 

I eventually mostly warmed up; but I had forced my pace prior to feeling mostly warmed up.  Aggs's legs eventually came around, I think; but he was the smarter one and made good use of either me or the Mallet or both to lead the way the entire ride.  I was not always so smart as to make the Mallet do all the work.

We had a great ride in great conditions.  We got chased by no dogs.  We saw at least two deer cross the road not far ahead of us.  We only saw about five other cyclists during our ride -- one was Jim W. (a non-IR with whom I've ridden a few times) who found us in the BJP parking lot after our ride; Jim was tooling about on his fixie.  Either Paul or John appreciated the pond on Coley just after turning off Carpenter Pond; it does make a nice sight on a non-humid and slightly cooler morning.  The farmsteads on lower Coley looked particularly nice in the non-humid, slightly cooler conditions.  That obnoxious little black dog that lives on lower Coley never showed himself, despite the fact that we rode past his house four times. 

The only disappointment flora / fauna-wise was that on Wednesday I had seen a large mother turkey and her one (no longer quite a) chick in tow on ___ (redacted so that the hunters have to find the turks all on their own), but today, no turks.

I am looking forward to tomorrow's ride.  The conditions are supposed to be about the same as they were this morning.
The title of this entry is appropriate given the conditions this morning, etc..  But also, one of our threesome does not celebrate "Independence Day".  However, he should recognize that the title of this entry is based on a particular incident in the semi-recent (a little over 200 years ago) history of his native land.  If he doesn't, they may be revoking his birth certificate.

BJP: Norwood-OldCreedmoor-Coley-DocN-Kemp-Virgil-Coley; 44.9 m.; 2hrs, 41min; 16.7 mph. 

Q-1 tot: 16 rides; __938.2 m.; _60 hrs, 39 min; 15.5 mph.
Q-2 tot: 31 rides; 2,263.3 m.; 151 hrs, 29 min; 14.9 mph.
Ju1 tot: _1 rides; ___44.9 m.; __2 hrs, 41 min; 16.7 mph.
YTD tot: 48 rides; 3,246.4 m.; 214 hrs, 49 min; 15.1 mph.

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