Monday, October 17, 2011

Oct-15: Morrisville Rando Picnic

There was also a 200k brevet.
 _ Click here for Robert's version of the brevet.
 _ Click here for Doc-on-a-bike Keith's version of the brevet (with photos and video, no less!).
 _ Click here for "sag's" version of the worker's ride the week before.
 _ _ And click here to for the brevet turn-around control story from the same author.
 _ _ The immediately above post also has some good to excellent picnic photos.
 _ _ _ All photos that may appear below are courtesy of Andy, btw.   Thanks, Andy.

There was also a populaire, but I doubt anyone will write about.
 _ Though Byron did tell mention that the wind was rather nice on certain legs of the populaire.
 _ He apparently was doing 29 mph on a flat section or two -- barely pedaling.

I volunteered to help RBA Alan with the cookout.
I, however, did not do the worker's ride the previous weekend.
Due to certain physical complications.

Oh, wait, this is supposed to be about the Picnic ...
It was a great day for a picnic!
Sunny, reasonably warm, but not hot.  No humidity.
A bit breezy.  The wind kept blowing out the flame on the side-burner of the grill.

At some point during the festivities, Andy remarked to MikeD that he was concerned about what kind of blog entry I would be forced to make regarding the day's event(s).  I hadn't figured that I would blog the picnic (since I was pretty sure Robert would write something about the brevet (see above) AND that IvaHawk would write something about the day's Irregular ride -- Bahama Beach - Reversed).  However, given the remarks wondering about what statistics / metrics I would include in my picnic post, I decided to "play along" -- after all, I can deal with, and sometimes enhance, being on the short end of the humor stick -- or, sometimes, I can turn the tables, at least a little ... re-direct them, anyway.

Before going on, a word about Irregular randonneurs:  Robert rode rando on the 15th.   Wilmington Rick rode rando on the 15th (he was  / is actually a randonnuer before he became an Irregular -- and as he lives in Wilmington instead of "The Triangle", he is quite "irregular", indeed).  The other Irregular rando was signed up for the brevet, but did something else, instead (see IvaHawk's post referenced above; I personally think that doing 200k on a lack-of-sleep basis would have been good training for future 400's and 600's; anyway, Ags missed a great picnic.

Back to the picnic.

Picking up on Andy's suggestions for stats / metrics:

Number of burgers I flipped:  zero.
 _ _ Reason:  Mike would let no one else touch the flipper.
 _ _ _ (His story is much better than this one. btw.)

Number of burgers Mike flipped:  no idea.
I'm not convinced Mike knows, either.
There is some doubt that he can accurately count that high.  :-O
Number of hotdogs flipped by me:  a couple.
 _ _ Mike wasn't quite so attentive to the hotdogs.

Number of cans of baked beans opened with my handy-dandy punch-and-cut can opener:  two.
I may have to sharpen the "cut" part of that tool after struggling with those two cans.
Most difficulty I've ever had using said tool to open a can.
And it is true what Andy indicated on his blog / picasa ... I carry that tool on my bike. 

The knife blade(s) and the screw-drivers have come in very handy.  

Amount of left-over beans consumed (cold) at the end of the picnic:  one helping.
I think I'm still suffering certain effects from that last helping.
The above is NOT just that last helping! 

Number of veggie burgers consumed:  no idea
Number of veggie burgers left-over:  more than zero

Number of meat burgers consumed:  no idea (see above)
Number of meat burgers left-over:  more than zero

Number of bags of potato chips consumed:  at least two
Number of bags of potato chips left-over:  less than two

Number of cold drinks consumed:  no idea
Number of cold drinks left-over:  probably around 24

Number of stories swapped at the picnic: countless.  

Number of people fed:  approximately 40
Number of people who had a good time at the picnic:  approx. 40
I do NOT understand how Robert got his PBP story  pics to be side-by-side
and put text between them
and get a reasonable looking result.
I blame blogger / google. 

  Number of RBA's at the the picnic:  two.  Alan and TonyG.
TonyG in cycling kit at the Siler City turn-around control!
Alan at Snow Camp during the worker's pre-ride. 

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