Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Turtle" Rescue -- Revisited

I logged in, I know not why.
I looked at the blogger behind-the-scenes stats to see how they compare to the Cluster Map.
NOT consistent with each other at all !!!

Blogger-stats indicates pageviews in the last day from Ukraine, Russia, Indonesia.
No indication of those three locations on the Cluster Map.
I don't know enough computer-geek stuff to understand WHY so different.

But I noticed an unexpected Google-search-source, so decided to check it out and see ... what.
(Blogger does NOT like it if you fail to capitalize "Google".)

Second page of google-search-results ... this blog.
I followed the link.
What a completely BORING entry, except for the following (which I had forgotten):
But I did rescue a reasonably large Slider or Painted turtle just after passing PUE headed to finish at BJP.  It was moving fast when I saw it, but seemed to slow as it neared the double-yellow lines.  I decided to stop and see if I could encourage it to continue its trip across the road.  I tried the "pretend to be a predator and stand close behind it" tactic.  The turtle took off ... and U-turned ... and U-turned ... and U-turned several more times.  A couple vehicles came by, and were respectful.  I tried to pick up the turtle, but it would scamper faster than I could move in my cycling shoes and escaped my grasp several times.  It kept trying to stay near the double-yellow lines.  It was well above 90F, so he didn't need to be on the road looking for additional warmth.  I finally spoke to the turtle, telling him that he didn't need to stay on the road for warmth, and that if he did stay on the road, some jerk would aim for him with their car/truck tires and ... he'd be dead.  My advice seemed to make no difference.  However, after a few more scampering U-turns to stay near the double-yellow, Mr. Turtle seemed to have tired, and I was able to get ahold of his shell, pick him up and move him to the side of the road toward which he had originally been moving.  
Such stubborness to stay near the double-yellow lines.  Maybe Mr. Turtle was really a Miss Turtle. 
Blog does a service today ... 
Reminded me of a humorous moment I had experienced, but forgotten. 

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  1. Maybe the turtle was suffering heat stroke - just wandering around dazed.