Monday, October 31, 2011

Oct-30: Irregular, Indeed - Addendum

Early in the Oct-30 ride, Snapper + I were discussing, among other things, his first "irregulars" ride. 
I mentioned that I was pretty sure I could figure out when it was ... 
By looking at my Excel ride-log. 
Harvey was incredulous. 

I'm pretty sure I hadn't even thought of "irregular" at the time. 
I'm pretty sure I first used "irregular" when talking to MikeR 
Who leads the Bike Marshals at the New Bern MS-150 
When he asked with whom I usually rode;  
Probably late in 2007. 

My recollection is that I answered: 
"Just a few guys that show up occasionally; maybe one could say they are 'irregular'." 
Anyway ... Harvey's first "irregulars" ride: 

2007-Apr-14   PUE: Creedmoor-Dove Rd lake loop   w/ Frank, Sean, Harvey   42.3-m   2h36  16.2 mph 

I recall that we were intending the same route we did on this Oct-30, but Sean or Harvey had a mechanical and someone had a firm back-end time limit ... so we shorted the route by taking Dove Rd..  

Harvey is the only one, other than me, still riding "Irregularly". 
Never doubt a man with an Excel ride log.

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