Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oct-18: Tour de Flat River 204 km Permanent

Better known as:  Leesville-Leasburg-Leasville (L-L-L).

Kind of deja vu all over again.  Or,
Groundhog Day, 1 day removed though.
  • Bright sunshine (but not a "severe-clear" day). 
  • Shadow panda on Patterson Rd. 
  • Strongish southerly wind. 
  • Time-in-motion within one minute of time-in-motion from two days ago. 

Differences / Causes of the slightly longer elapse clock time: 
  • much more traffic in Raleigh, on NC-98, and on Red Mill Rd. 
  • Stopped at Bahama Fire Station, outbound, to lube chain. 
  • Stopped at Bahama Fire Station, inbound, to lube certain sensitive parts of me! 
  • The southerly wind was stronger. 
  • More locals in Mt. Tirzah and Leasburg wanting to chat --> more "ambassadorial" time. 

Most interesting new thing seen today: 
On Hester Store Rd, outbound, just as the first descent is ending ... 
A herd of Bison ... American Buffalo ... in a pasture on the north side of the road, 
Trotting away from the road. 
Did the approaching cyclist scare them?

The herd was a dozen-and-half strong, maybe an entire score, or more. 
Haven't seen so many bison in one location since Yellowstone Park in 1973. 
Or maybe Yellowstone Park in 1966. 
The bison in the field today, however, were obviously "meat on the hoof" ... not a wild herd.

Oct-18:  Leesville-Leasburg-Leesville 204 km Permanen; 127.1 m.; 8h,53m in-motion; 14.3 mph; rando elapsed clock time:  10h15.  

Q-1 tot: _23 rides; _1822.2 m.; 123 hrs,05 min; 14.8 mph.
Q-2 tot: _30 rides; _2604.9 m.; 174 hrs,22 min; 14.9 mph.
Q-3 tot: _29 rides; _2479.2 m.; 161 hrs,05 min; 15.2 mph. 

Oct tot: __5 rides; __418.6 m.; _28 hrs,53 min; 14.5 mph. 

YTD tot: _85 rides; _7324.9 m.; 489 hrs,25 min; 15.0 mph. 

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