Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm Always Momentarily Excited ...

I'm Always Momentarily Excited ... when I log-in to my e-mail and see I have one (1) e-mail.  I excitedly wonder who sent me a message ... what was it about ... that kind of thing.

Then I open the "In-box" and find something similar to this:

Dear RBA or Permanent Route Owner:
This e-mail confirms that results for the event or permanentlisted below were submitted on yyyy/mm/dd.
Route Name date=yyyy/mm/dd
If you submitted these results (or authorized someone else to do it for you),no action is required. If you *did not* submit or authorize these results,please contact the Brevet Coordinator, RBA Liaison, or Permanents Coordinator,as appropriate.
This message was auto-generated by the RUSA database system.Replies to this message will not be delivered.
Thank you. 

A bit of a let-down.  But I'm still glad to receive the confirmatory message -- and I certainly hope I don't receive an e-mail such as the one above when the *did not* would apply. 

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