Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I was wondering WHY. The answer was WIERD.

I occasionally check the "stats" on my blog to see what posts are being viewed by how many, where the viewers are coming from, how they got to my blog.  [Really, Andy, I only check every few days ... now.]

Today, this post popped to the "top" of the viewed posts (two posts is more than one).  WHY would anyone single out THAT post?  Couldn't imagine.  Did not try to "investigate".

Then I looked at "traffic sources" and under "Search Keywords" I found:  "100k+ cycling tips" with a count of two [the only "Search Keywords" referenced so far today].  If you knew that I am a numbers type person, you might think that I immediately recognized that 2 views for "that post" and 2 references from "100k+ cycling tips" might be related.  I did not make that connection.

However, I couldn't imagine that anything I've written on the blog would qualify as "cycling tips for 100k or more" ... I don't write advice.  So, I decided to enter "100k+ cycling tips" into a Google-search; here is what came up: 

  • Is Cycling 100 Km Hard? | 100 KM - CachedSimilar
    May 20, 2008 – Riding a metric century is extremely doable for most new cyclists given proper training, preparation and equipment. ...

  • Is cycling 100k hard? - Yahoo!7 Answers › HomeAll CategoriesSportsCycling - CachedSimilar
    8 answers
    "Is cycling 100k hard?" - Find the answer to this question and millions more ... Is cycling 100k hard? lets say its fairly flat with a few hills. riding 20k ...

  • Training for Charity Cycle Ride | Cycling UK - CachedSimilar
    May 29, 2009 – Cyclist on Road. Readers Question: After many years out of the saddle I have ... Receive latest updates, news and tips from Cycling Info ...

  • Irregular Velo Adventures: Sep-25: 17+ mph for 100k+ ride ... - Cached
    Sep 25, 2010 – mostly about cycling with "The Irregulars" and randonneuring, usually near Raleigh, NC. ... Complete a 100k+ ride at an avg pace of 17+ mph. ...

  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • My blog post about my first ever 17+ mph average pace for a 100+ km came in fourth on the search for "100k+ cycling tips".  Wierd. 

    If you read that post ... no cycling tips ... but I was clearly pretty irritated about being left by the Irregulars crew.  I got over it. 

    But there are certainly no useful tips for cycling 100k+ in that post. 

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    1. Pfft, Andy is not fooled. Skiff is hot into gaming Google search results.

      I expect great things soon.