Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jul-26: Get 'Er Dunn Perm Pop

Dean asked if I wanted / could ride again Tuesday morning.
Looking ahead ... I decided to accompany Dean.

No rain.
But so humid that I was wetter within a few miles
Than I had been even after the rain shower of the day before.

The humidity re-dampened my cycle confuser connections.
I knew what time it was the entire ride,
But never our speed or how far we'd ridden.

After 10 -- I think it is 10 -- trips on the route, I don't worry about the distances, etc..
Deaner, having done the route about 65 times ... is really good at spotting unique flora and fauna.

Speaking of flora and fauna ...
Dean spotted a blue heron rising from a newly created pond.
And each of us noted the proliferation of lotus flowers in a particular garden pond.
Ought to be in fine form for the usual Sunday excursion.

Get 'Er Dunn 102km Perm Populaire; 65.2 m.; est. 4h,20m in-motion; 15.0 mph; rando elapsed-clock time: 4h,50m. 


  1. Your stories make Get 'Er Dunn sound like a really nice ride. I hope to ride it with you and the regular randos some day, perhaps in the Autumn.

  2. You might think that Dean was paying big bucks for three such nice propoganda pieces ... but I can't claim to have gotten rich off the payola.