Monday, July 25, 2011

Jul-25: Get 'Er Dunn Perm Pop

50 x 17 faux single-speed the entire ride.
It was definitely a workout.

Dry when I started.
But within 5 miles, the roads were wet.
Within 6 miles, I was being rained upon.
At six-and-a-half miles, the cycle confuser stopped recording ... until the last third of the ride.
Obviously, the contacts were wet.
Before I got to Piney Grove Rd (about 10 miles into the ride), the road was bone dry.
Such is the norm with showers and thunder-storms in central North Carolina.

Got to the turn-around control in Dunn 2 hours after the start.
Tried to be reasonably quick, without over-doing it, at the controls.
Had to take an extra 3-minute break on Jackson King Rd.
Had to wait a minute or two before I could cross NC-42 near the end of the ride.

Estimated the time-in-motion based on when I arrived and then left the controls
And the impromptu stop on Jackson King Rd
And the stop light at NC-42.

The three lotus(es) in the garden pond appeared to be
Blue-purple, and
As hard as I thought I worked, I expected to see a faster moving avg pace.  Hmmn.
Perhaps the developing heat got to me.

Get 'Er Dunn 102km Perm Populaire; 65.2 m.; 3h,54m in-motion; 16.7 mph; rando elapsed-clock time: 4h,28m.
If back-to-back 200 km rides make a double-double, 
And back-to-back-to-back 200 km rides make a triple-double,
Does back-to-back 100 km rides make a double-single?

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