Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jul-30: Range Road Rover

+ a Little Mountain Road

Quite a bit warmer than last time I did this route.
I think Lee indicated that he had done this route more recently than that.
Robert decided that the smart PBP-training thing to do was to take the Robert's Chapel Rd cut-off.
Rando buddy Biker Bob joined us from over Graham way.
He had indicated that the Burlington Cycling Club wouldn't ride until at least 9 am.
Yuk!  Too hot to wait that long to ride.

I'd actually picked the route on Thursday,
Just after Bob had contacted me about joining the Irregulars ride (if we were riding early).
I figured that there was a good chance that the whole route would be "new roads" for Bob.
I think I recall that he confirmed that guess.

We crossed paths with Gary on Range Road.
He was doing mech-support of a charity ride that seemed to traverse most of Granville County.

We saw several cyclists headed north on Range Road as we headed south.
All seemed to be smiling.
Good roads for cycling in Granville County.
And before 10:30, the heat wasn't too bad.
Hopefully, Olie, who we had also seen on Range Road, didn't have too much SAG business today.

I didn't notice as much in the way of flora and fauna as I might have.
My Left shoulder and elbow were driving me nuts with ache.
They are a bit better now ... I've taken something for the muscle inflamation.

Bob and I got separated from Lee before / in Creedmoor.
He waited for as at the BP.
Bob and I stopped at Southern States.
These things happen.
We all finished our rides in comfortable style.

Maybe next time Bob drops in from Graham a few more Irregulars will be on the ride.

Short post, without much of a story, but
It is my story, and I'm sticking to it.

--> PUE:  Range Road Rover + a Little Mountain Rd --> ; 79.0 m.; est. 5h,02m in-motion; 15.7 mph. 

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  1. Nice ride/route today, I made it thru without getting shot and got to see Gary also. Robert