Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jul-24: Get 'Er Dunn Perm Pop

0600 start.
Janis, Dean, me.
First time ever for Janis to ride back-to-back ANYTHING.
Dean and I were sure she would do well. 

Janis away promptly at 0600.
I was a bit delayed.
Dean and I started at about 0608.
That gave Janis a head start.
She likes it when she can start with a lead.

It took us almost 15 miles to catch her.
Then we rode mostly with her.
Sometimes falling behind in order to more easily dig out some food or something.

Dean pointed out the contrast and complimentary nature of the Morning Glories in the ditch
And the cotton plants in the fields with white and pink blossoms.
Janis had pointed out the different color cotton blossoms to me last time I did this route.
I guess all the cotton comes out the same white color,
But I wonder why there are two colors of blossoms.

The heat stayed at bay for our entire trip to Dunn.
Including the one or two block detour to view a bit of Americana.
A Grammar School of the type design that used to be everywhere.
Red bricks and concrete.
Two stories.
Most of those schools of that design / facade have been torn down or abandoned.
I think that building was no longer being used as a school.

The sun continued its relentless rise from the horizon while we were inside the Dunn control.
The heat from Sol was palpably greater when we recommenced riding.

I enjoyed the light breeze from the west while traversing Denim Dr to Erwin.
I'm not sure what Dean and Janis thought.

The breeze seemed to stiffen by the time we left Erwin,
But it was more cooling than blasting.
Clouds developed to protect us from the worst of the sun.
Thanks to Dean for arranging that.

No one needed an extra coat when we got to Coats.
But I made a special stop, a bit off the route.
Here's some advice: 
Use the Hess, not the convenience store on the south side of the street across from the Hess.

After having to deal with the plumbing issue,
I thought I might not catch back up to Janis and Dean.
But I rode quickly, and a glance at my watch a few minutes after 1100
Convinced me that I would catch the two of them.

All back together at about 1118.
Dean was nice enough to inform me that he had been concerned enough about me
That he considered sending Janis back to look for me.
What a guy!

Janis reverse dumped us with only about 6 miles to go.
Dean and I finished about 1140.
Janis a few minutes later.

Dean headed for home just before Janis finished.
Janis and I talked about many things,
But not ships (... well ...) nor shoes nor sealing wax.
Then she headed to Dean's (where she had parked),
And I headed back to Raleigh.

All-in-all ... a good ride that beat most of the heat.
And got all three of us closer to personal goals.

Get 'Er Dunn 102km Perm Populaire; 65.2 m.; 4h,34m in-motion; 14.3 mph; rando elapsed-clock time: 5h,40m.

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