Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2 -- RangeRoadRover

Ags, Tito, Iva drove separately arriving a bit before 6 AM. As we were preparing, up cycled BobH and Norris. So off we went on time to do the well known and ever popular Range Road Rover. It was a beautiful morning even slightly cool that we knew wouldn’t last. However, any summer ride that starts that early and ends at 10:30 AM is not going to get too hot.

Everyone rode fine with no incidents which is always a good status. Tito did real well on the Range Road Wall riding well all day to which he credits not eating supper last night. Yes. That’s what he said. BobH did his usual team time trial thing on Brogden Rd. for the group. I usually enjoy the speed, but today I couldn’t hang and had to drop. Ags stayed back with me while the other three flew into Creedmore. Norris rode well and looked to me to have lost none of his speed on the flats though he complained of carrying a few extra pounds due to his recent diving vacation in Cozumel.

On the famous GPMVC finish, BobH and Tito rode off from the other three. Ags looked great on MVC with 120 cadence and an estimated 15 mph. My time was 19:47. Last Sunday, I approached my PR on a solo ride with 17:55. My PR is 17:35.

One thing to ask Martin about: as we were leaving Stem on Brogden, a peloton of (no lie) 50 riders was coming at us from Creedmore heading into Stem. They had dropped another half dozen of their number off the back. Who could that have been?

Iva won the Person County line on Range Rd with no one noticing soon enough. Ags won the Wake County line on Whitt Rd through guile and wit.

We did see Gary TLC and, I think Wendy, on Old Weaver near New Light with a group of 10 or so.

65 Miles, 2267 climbing. Avg 16 mph.


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  1. Nice post / report, Hawk.

    I still get a shock every time there is a post I didn't put there ... but that is one of the benefits of getting you to agree to be a contributor.
    One day ... either Iva or I will learn to spell Creedmoor.

    Ags staying back ... probably just a ploy to avoid having to lead. :-O

    No idea on the 50-person group. The G-people A's did a 53-mile route they called "Belltown Reversed", but I have no idea on the specifics of that course. Would almost certainly go through Stem and onto Belltown Rd (possibly in the other order), but I would think you'd have recognized the G-people.

    I knew Gary + Wendy were putting together a group ride today, probably starting around 8 am. Ten people! G + W will soon be doing TLC rides.