Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jul-10: Get 'Er Dunn 102 km Perm Pop

"What's done in Dunn is done."
 A corollary to "some things should be left on the ride and not in the blog."

What's done in Dunn is done.
Also similar to "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

Apparently there is concern that the "Associated Press" might leak things that were off the record.
A similar comment was made Irregularly some time back.

What's done in Dunn is done.
And that's about all I'm allowed to type about.
However, I think it will be safe to note the following: 

Sridhar invested in a Profile Design double water-bottle cage that attaches to his seatpost.
I heartily approve.
Sridhar reported, at ride's end, that he thought the extra water on board helped on the "bonk front".
All will likely heartily approve.

MikeH was hoping to SR this year (now that he's recovered from early-spring(?), cold-weather-induced nerve damage.  Maybe he still is hoping; but I checked the RUSA website for remaining brevets of the correct distances, and unless one is willing to ride eastern mountains and / or do some signficant travel, an ACP SR seems unlikely.

LocationDatekmsRoute (proposed)ContactWeb Site
CA: San Diego 8/6/11   300 Sunset Beach 300 Dennis Stryker info
CO: Boulder 8/6/11   300 Peak-to-Peak John Lee Ellis info
MA: Westfield 8/6/11   300 Don Podolski info
MN: Twin Cities / Roch. 7/23/11   300 96 Rob Welsh info
MT: Bozeman 8/6/11   300 Tobacco Root Mountains 300 Jason Karp info
NC: High Point8/6/11  300 Tony Goodnight info
NC: High Point10/8/11  300 Lumberton-etc 300k Tony Goodnight info
OH: Columbus 7/16/11   300 259 Bob Waddell info
VA: Northern8/13/11  300 721 Matt Settle info
WA: Seattle 7/30/11   300 Mark Thomas info
MN: Twin Cities / Roch. 8/6/11   400 685 Rob Welsh info
NC: High Point8/6/11  400 Tony Goodnight info
NC: High Point10/8/11  400 Tony Goodnight info
OH: Columbus 7/30/11   400 260 Bob Waddell info
OR: Portland 8/22/11   400 Poor Mans 400 Susan France info
PA: Pittsburgh 7/30/11   400 Washington PA etc Jim Logan info
VA: Northern9/10/11  400 Seneca Rocks 400k Matt Settle info
MN: Twin Cities / Roch. 9/10/11   600 686 Rob Welsh info
NC: High Point8/6/11  600 Tony Goodnight info
NC: High Point10/8/11  600 Tony Goodnight info
OR: Portland 8/20/11   600 Poor Mans 600 Susan France info
VA: Northern9/24/11  600 Buckhannon 600K Matt Settle info

JayJay got ahead of the other four of us by the simple expedient of not stopping for additional water near the Johnson County Line.  But then, something familiar happened.  No need to type anew, I'll copy from a previous report:  We came up JayJay "under a shade tree near the top of long grade"; but she wasn't waiting to reverse-dump.  Well ... she might have been, but three of us waited her out.

Dean, other than being the route owner, made only one contribution that I can both recall and I'm allowed to type about:  he made a miscalculation or typographical error of the closing time of the final control, and devilishly enjoyed JayJay's confusion when she thought she was "Hors Delay" for the day.  A couple of others may have contributed to the atmosphere, but all credit should go to the route owner whenever possible, don't you agree?

Me?  I can't recall anything I did about which I'm allowed to type.

What's done in Dunn is done.
Get 'Er Dunn 102 km Perm Pop; 66.3 m.; 4h,46m in-motion; 13.9 mph.

For the "rando elapsed time", see:
RUSA-T16721  A, Janis   6:27
RUSA-T16722  F, Dean   6:15
RUSA-T16723  H, Michael A   6:15
RUSA-T16724  S, Martin   6:15
RUSA-T16725  S, Sridhar   6:25


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  1. Oh, I recalled something about which I can type:

    I've been looking at the second floor shutters on a particular house. The control card clearly indicates first-floor. No wonder I've been recording the wrong answers.