Friday, February 7, 2014

Feb-01: Bahama Beach 103+

A long-time friend, from before either of us "cycled-about,"
Wanted to get in her P-ride on the first day of the month.
So did I.
Given the morning chill, we met at the start of the Bahama Beach perm-pop for a 10 am start. 

Brilliant sunshine for the start and all the way to first control --
An Info Control in Mt. Bethel (or in modern vernacular, Bahama).

We paused there for a moment to examine a marker in the cemetery next to the control.
For the locals, here's a hint regarding my ride partner:

Down to Lake Michie and up the "wall" on the other side.
But seeing as how my ride partner was doing her R-ride the next day,
We decided to 'wing-it' and take the Hall Rd variation (see the green part of the "trace") --
Half a mile longer, but the same total climbing (at least according to RWGPS).

Arriving at the corner of Robert's Chapel and Range roads,
NOT, btw, the corner of Range and Robert's Chapel roads,
We paused in the still bright sunshine to nibble a bit and drink a bit.
[Just as well we did that, since upon leaving the control in Stem, it was overcast.]

Keeping in mind that one of us was doing a quite hilly 200 the next day,
We 'winged-it' again and took the Hester Rd variation (see green part of the "trace"),
Adding one-and-a-half miles, but reducing the overall climbing per mile.

My ride partner drifted off my front wheel on Lawrence Rd,
About 14-miles before the finish.
I did manage to almost re-attach to her wheel,
On Bruce Garner / New Light Road.

But each time, before I could complete the catch / latch on to her wheel,
Slight inclines separated us.
I last saw her ... where? ... I dunno' ... inside Wake County, I guess.

Then she took the easier New Light / Six Forks to Pleasant Union Elementary Rd finish.
I took the harder Ghoston to Peed to Mt. Vernon Ch Rd finish.
[Same distance, within about 17 yards -- but G-P-MVC is harder -- and I think safer.] 

Anyway, my ride partner had her bike mounted on her rack,
Had signed her card, and
Had changed her shoes (and maybe some cycling kit) by the time I finished -- 6 minutes later.

All in all, a nice ride.
Wish the sun had stayed out longer -- for the entire ride would have been nice.

Must be about P-6 for my long-time friend.
It was P-26 for me.