Friday, October 21, 2016

Oct-20: Sinkhole 103

The standard Bahama Beach route upon which the 103-kms is based:

The route we intended to ride, skipping Creedmoor and detouring around the Lawrence Rd bridge re-destruction:

The route we actually rode.  The first green segment, "Creech-Geer" variant, because I turned the wrong way on Cheek Rd, and since "Bahama Beach" is a 'free-route,' I kept going -- after all, I know almost every surrounding road and how to link them back together.  The second green segment, the very small one at approx mile-25, Wiley Mangum Rd, because I thought Bob might appreciate the view from the crest.
Hmmn.  Although the route colors on the original link map are correct, the map image has too much green-route at the 25-mile mark. 

Here's what we most unexpectedly found at the 14.1-mile mark of the the route we actually rode:
That's Bob on the other side.
View from sinkhole toward the Lake.