Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Aug-18-2018: Raleigh Region RUSA 20th Anniversary Rides + Picnic -- Part 1

Under RBA Alan's (RUSA #306) leadership, probably instigated by MikeD (RUSA #1609), but I don't actually know, I'm just guessing, the Raleigh Region has been doing annual RUSA Anniversary Brevets + Picnics since RUSA's 10th birthday in 2008.  In PBP years, the Anniversary rides have been pushed back into September or October, and they've been RUSA brevets instead of ACP/BRM brevets, but any way one cuts it, 2018 was the eleventh consecutive year that Alan has put on a RUSA Anniversary ride + picnic.

Pre-Ride Aug-07.

Bob (#5843) was slated to do the PacTour tour of New York's Finger Lakes area the week leading up to the day of the event (Aug-18).  (I'm pretty sure that) Bob has the longest active R-streak in North Carolina; he (almost reluctantly) has his eyes on getting to R-120, so we did a pre-ride on Tuesday, August 7th.  I was slated to volunteer, mostly helping to set up for the picnic (and tear down after); Bob would join me as a "ride-along" rider.  [If you don't understand the concept of "worker's ride" and "ride-along" riders, search around on the RUSA website to see for yourself -- basically, a ride-along rider's purpose is to provide "company" for the pre-riding worker(s).]

How did the actual ride go?
  • I did a conservatively paced 19.7-mile ride from my place to Alan's to meet Bob for an 0600 start to the pre-ride.  Unlike my Spring 300 pre-ride, I encountered no obstacles requiring a detour en route
  • Bob drove the 45-miles or so from his home to Alan's. 
  • Alan met us, and we exchanged the requisite paperwork. 
  • And we went on our way. 
  • How did the ride go?  
  • The same as my previous five 200+ km rides, that's how it went. 
  • So I won't bore you with any details.