Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sep-05: Lake Gaston 208

My friend Bob and I did back-to-back 100k rides today.  First we rode from Wilson, NC to Gasburg. VA.  Then we rode from Gasburg back to Wilson.
Actually, we rode Tim's Lake Gaston perm for the first time for each of us.  Nice route.  A little busy {by rural North Carolina standards) crossing Lake Gaston.  Controls only at start, turn-around, and end.  Stores or gas stations along the way, at convenient spacing, to fuel up mid-ride.  Some nice rolling vistas alongside some of the roads.

R-81 for Bob; R-1 (again) for me.
I hadn't ridden more than 65-miles in a single ride since mid-late-June when Bob and I did his North of Burlington perm (no blog report) and I was worried I'd have big trouble [well, that isn't quite true -- I forgot that I had done an 85-miler on Jun-30].  Bob, on the other hand. has ridden x-continent with PAC Tour since then and seems to still have his good form.

Bob took on most of the northbound, into the breeze/wind, leading duties and that was a good move as it only took us 5h04 elapsed from the start to the turn-aound.  BTW, I had to ask Bob to slow the pace early on as my out-of-shape legs were not doing well -- not warmed up and giving off complaints of pains.  

My legs eventually came around, or at least did better.  Or maybe it was just that they were so tired they couldn't feel any worse and they kept up a good cadence and pace on the way back, esp. the last 32-or-so-miles.

No photos.