Thursday, June 14, 2018

Apr-11: Lillington Lilliput 123

To complete our respective NC-P-12-Explorer-Challenges,
Iva and I each needed one more unique Populaire.
[Bob had completed his Explorer Challenge the previous month.]

We had two possible routes in mind:
  • DaveG's "Buckhorn Boonies" route [I had noticed a sign pointed toward Buckhorn when we had done "The Whirligig" route in March], and 
  • Deaner's "Lillington Lilliput" route.  

We chose Dean's route because we were confident that midweek traffic would be acceptable,
Whereas, even though Dave had opined that traffic would likely not be an issue,
We were unfamiliar with the traffic situation near the start/finish of the "Boonies" route.
["Lillington Lilliput" shares its start with a couple other Perms with which we are familiar.]

[Hmmn, after I type the above, it does seem that we perhaps did not adhere to the Explorer concept. 
I expect that we'll give the "Boonies" route a try on a Saturday sometime in the next year. 
I hope so. 
The schedule does sometimes get crowded. 
Heck, for nearly two years, 
I've been trying to take Crista up on an invite to come ride her 4-state-perm or 3-state-pop, 
But local rides, riding them or volunteering, combined with "life" has repeated gotten in the way.]

The following is a copy of Dean's RWGPS map of the route:
[Come to think of it, I think I may have made that map for Dean; 
Maybe I should ask him about that.]
Anyway, a RWGPS map, embedded:

We didn't take any photos.
I recall that a couple of us were struggling a bit all ride long.
More likely, it was just me that was struggling.
So taking time for photos, with the need to rewind the legs, etc. back to cycling rythum,
Was not on the agenda.

It was a bit chilly with a slight wind out of the west or northwest.
[I wanted to get the facts by referencing "weather underground," but it was so slow to load, ... .]
We spent some extra time at the turn-around control in Lillington,
Standing in the sunshine, out of the breeze, gently warming ourselves before beginning the return.
We also loitered at the indoor seating at the control in Erwin,
Probably for the gentle warming in addition to just chatting,
But it could have been that one or two of us were playing for some extra recovery time. 

Here's hoping that the I can copy in the chart of the rides we did to complete our Challenges:

Rider Name  /  Explorer-Challenge-Pop Ridden
Month Bob, #5843 Iva, #7702 Martin, #6218
Apr-2017 Ala Orange  -------------   ------------- 
May-2017 Get 'er Dunn Get 'er Dunn Get 'er Dunn
Jun-2017 Bunn Wash Caper Bunn Wash Caper Bunn Wash Caper
Jul-2017 3M Bay Leaf - Oxford - Bay Leaf 3M
Aug-2017 NCBC 100 NCBC 100 NCBC 100
Sep-2017 NOB Lite NOB Lite NOB Lite
Oct-2017 7-Cs Bahama Beach 7-Cs
Nov-2017 Denny's Store Denny's Store Denny's Store
Dec-2017 Bay Leaf - Oxford - Bay Leaf Ala Orange Bay Leaf - Oxford - Bay Leaf
Jan-2018 Raleigh - Berea - Raleigh Raleigh - Berea - Raleigh Raleigh - Berea - Raleigh
Feb-2018 The Whirligig The Whirligig The Whirligig
Mar-2018 Taylor's Gin Taylor's Gin Taylor's Gin
Apr-2018 Lillington Lilliput Lillington Lilliput Lillington Lilliput
[It appears the chart copied in from Excel more-or-less as intended.]  
Routes not previously ridden by each respective rider are in red.
Routes shown in black were previously ridden by the rider.

I had the fewest "new to me" routes.
Iva the most -- which makes sense since Iva has many fewer RUSA rides than Bob or me.

During the thirteen months shown above, we did manage to get a few other riders to respond to advertisements of the rides:

Month other riders



Jun-2017 BWC:  Sridah

Jul-2017 3M:  Sridah

Aug-2017 Hope Springs Eternal:  Dave McD


Oct-2017 7-Cs:  Brad W



Jan-2018 RBR:  Daniel R

Feb-2018 The Whirligig:  Bridget J

Mar-2018 TG:  Bridget J


We didn't get a lot of takers, but each route was new to the rider that joined us.
[Note:  I've included McDave on the the "Hope Springs Eternal," even though HSE was not counted by any of us as one of our Explorer rides, because I want to recognize those that responded to advertising of a ride.]

Some may think that I'll stop with this Explorer-Challenge foolishness now that Bob, Iva, and I have completed one Challenge -- that would be wrong thinking.
  • I will continue to encourage advertising rides, Perm-Pops and 200+ km Perms. 
  • I will continue to encourage camaraderie rides with others not one's usual partners.  

Permanent Route Name / #DistanceDateFinishersDNF
NC: Lillington Lilliput / 20091232018/04/1130
Cert#RUSA#NameClub / ACP CodeTime
RUSA-T805087702A__, Iva CRandonneurs USA / 93309506:43
RUSA-T805095843B__, BobRandonneurs USA / 93309506:43
RUSA-T805106218S__, MartinRandonneurs USA / 93309506:43

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Mar-17: Seven Cs 108

Clyde's Curious Critters Chatham County Cycling Circuit
Owner:  Raleigh RBA Alan Johnson

Thinking it a good idea to celebrate Alan's 75th birthday,
I put out a call / invite on the NC Rando list-serve and Facebook group,
To ride Alan's Perm-Pop and then share a low-key meal with Alan and the other riders.

Riders on the day:
  • BobB, #5843, 
  • me, #6218, and 
  • MikeO, #215. 

The three of us had a fun ride on a nice weather day in the middle of March.
I don't recall much from the ride.
I didn't recall much from the ride even just moments after we finished.
That's because nothing epic or similar happened all ride.
It was just a pleasant time riding.
And, in the end, don't we all hope that all our rides are NOT filled with "epic" moments,
But instead, are simply enjoyable outings on a decent day and course with friendly companions.
That's what I think, and I'll be sticking to that.

After the ride, we joined Alan at the Mexican food joint in the shopping center where the route starts/ends.
We talked about several things.
Of most interest to the readers of this blog (all one or two of them),
Would likely have been our respective plans to prepare our individual selves
For the upcoming Raleigh Region 200k Brevet.

Bob was in shape, of course,
I was in shape to get into shape.
Mike had a ramp-it-up plan for the three weeks to the brevet.
Each of us knew that we would finish the 200, even though two of us were not int the best of shape.
[Fast-forwarding:  the weather for the 200 was atrocious (by central NC standards),  
And none of us rode the brevet, each figuring it was just a ride, and we didn't need 
To risk hypothermia, nor did any of us need to prove anything to anyone, 
Most especially to our individual selves.]

Permanent Route Name / #DistanceDateFinishersDNF
NC: Clyde's Curious Critter Chatham County Cycling Circuit / 18611082018/03/1730
Cert#RUSA#NameClub / ACP CodeTime
RUSA-T79841215O__, MichaelNorth Carolina Bicycle Club / 93304505:43
RUSA-T798425843B__, BobRandonneurs USA / 93309505:43
RUSA-T798436218S__, MartinRandonneurs USA / 93309505:43