Monday, October 19, 2020

Jul-04: Heat Training?

I didn't get around to riding until 1:30 pm -- why? -- mostly laziness. 
Temps during the ride:  91-93 F.  
Didn't check the heat index, but it was likely approx 100F, maybe more. 
Lacking a real story, I'll just describe the route. 
  • Sidewalks to Honeycutt -- which is a one-mile downslope. 
  • Left onto Durant -- which is a 1.4-mile shallow climb on smooth asphalt. 
  • Right onto Brassfield -- which qualifies as a flat nearly two miles (?). 
  • Right onto Deer Trail -- with immediate drop and then a stiff climb back up. 
[Back in the day, one of the best rando climbers did Deer Trail once, and swore off it. 
That's how steep that short climb is.]
  • Right onto Honeycutt for a flat half mile. 
  • Left onto Brassfield for a mile-and-a-half flat ride on smooth asphalt. 
  • Right on tree-shaded Coachman's Way through the neighborhood with curves and short climbs. 
  • Right onto Honeycutt (where the road surface is breaking up) to climb up to Brassfield School. 
  • Right again onto flat, smooth Brassfield, a quarter-mile past Coachman's to the stop sign. 
  • Left onto Durant, but a quick right onto Baytree Ln left on Sandhurst Rd to add nearly a mile. 
  • Right onto Durant again, now downslope one-and-a-half miles on smooth asphalt. 
  • Right onto Honeycutt, climbing one-mile. 
  • Then sidewalks back to sleep quarters. 
15.6 miles.  1:12 in-motion.  12.9 avg mph.