These were "my" perm / perm-pops under the original RUSA Permanents Program. 
Although the original Perms Program has met its demise due to liability insurance issues, 
I keep this page and this list because several (at least) are favorite routes of mine, 
And I want to keep easy access to the RWGPS map-links for myself and friends. 

    Start Location Route # Km Climb (ft.)     Name States
NC: Raleigh (Bay Leaf) 1404 103 3600 Bahama Beach NC
NC: Raleigh (Bay Leaf) 2259 104 2500 Bay Leaf - Oxford - Bay Leaf NC
NC: Raleigh (Bay Leaf) 1795 138 4400 Denny's Store Sortie NC
NC: Raleigh (Bay Leaf) 1938 205 6600 Road to Hicksboro NC
NC: Raleigh (Bay Leaf) 1444 210 6100 Warrenton & Egypt Mountain NC
NC: Raleigh (Bay Leaf) 2498 234 7600 Badgett Sisters Pkwy (Bay Leaf Start) NC

NC: Durham east 2497 208 6600 Badgett Sisters Parkway NC
NC: Durham east 2771 300 9100 3-Lake-300 VA, NC
NC: Durham east 3134 417 10300 4-Lake-400 VA, NC

NC: Raleigh downtown 2395 102 2800 Yellow Dog Run to Bunn NC
NC: Raleigh downtown 1583 108 3000 Bunn Warmer NC
NC: Raleigh downtown 2443 133 3500 Yellow Dog Lope to Spring Hope NC
NC: Raleigh downtown 1636 140 3700 Hope Springs Eternal NC
NC: Raleigh downtown 1551 209 4000 OakElmOak NC

NC: Raleigh northeast 2122 108 2450 Bunn Wash Caper NC

NC: Lumberton 1895 106 700 Fish Pop NC
NC: Lumberton
1380 202 1500 Lumberton-Ammon-Hallsboro-Whiteville
NC: Lumberton 1391 203 2600 Lumberton-Ellerbe-Lumberton

Note:  the above climbing estimates are primarily based on RWGPS estimates -- though anyone that has bothered to examine RWGPS estimates in even a half-serious way will know that the RWGPS estimates often do not make a lot of sense [check out these comparisons of RWGPS vs itself:  click #1, click #2].  (By the way, although RWGPS has improved the quality of the anto-generated cue sheets, take care before trusting them completely.  The trace-lines are almost always correct -- unless the road network has changed -- so those are likely good to follow.)


Some information on how some of the above routes came to be:
  • Egypt Mtn 210 -- Genesis of a Route  
  • Hicksboro 205 -- "that ridge we rode that one time"  
  • "Raleigh (Bay Leaf)" routes -- these are my original routes (+ the long Badgett Sisters route) -- see the above descriptions of how the Egypt Mtn and Hicksboro routes came to be.  Bay Leaf is a crossroads community that used to be well north of Raleigh, but is now essentially on the northern edge of the city. 
  • "Raleigh downtown" routes -- originally owned by MickH, #6169, jointly created by the two of us.  When Mick decided to reduce his rando tyreprint, I agreed to adopt the routes.  Hope Springs Eternal (HSE) and Bunn Warmer (BW) are actually the same as the OakElmOak perm route, but the routes U-turn earlier.  [The Yellow Dog (YD) routes are the same as HSE and BW, but the start is at a different location.  A location which became less desirable immediately after the YD routes were created because parking at the shopping center where the Yellow Dog Bakery is located suddenly became crowded, and cars were being towed.  We kept the YD routes because one or both of them might one day be helpful in someone getting a K-Hound-exact.]  
  • The "Raleigh northeast" route was created because Mick decided he'd like a route where he didn't have to deal with the downtown traffic at the start and/or finish. 
  • _
  • "Durham" routes -- Byron, RUSA #621, asked if I had ever considered creating a 300; maybe we could work together to make one.  I had fiddled around scoping out a couple routes; Byron liked one of them.  Voila, the "3-Lake-300" and the "Badgett Sisters Parkway."  After riding the 300, MikeD, #1609, suggested knitting his Buggs Island Populaire onto the 300 to make a 400, voila, the "4-Lake-400" 
  • "Lumberton" routes -- originally owned by MaryF, #3459.  But when she no longer had interest in doing the routes (and moved away from Lumberton), I took them over, supposedly so I would have something of a reasonable length to ride while others did 300 and/or 400 km Lumberton start brevets that I hosted.  The routes have also proven useful for northern state randos looking for some warmer conditions in which to maintain an R or P series during Winter months.

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