Monday, April 13, 2015

Reset -- Part 2

One of the better rides I had last year was in October, the 11th to be exact,
On my Bahama Beach perm-pop, reversed,
With Lynn and Byron.

As best I can recall, I hadn't seen Byron since the
Raleigh Region 200-km brevet in April (or late March).
Some time in the summer, Byron had gone bike-touring on the C&O trail
With Gilbert and a couple other former North Road Cycling associates.
As a result, Byron was equipped with many new stories,
Most, maybe all, centered around Gilbert's mis-adventures.
(Only one of which I recall even a portion -- probably mis-recall: 
Naked outdoor showering as other tourists approached.) 

Byron kept us in stitches, or at least smiles,
As we effortlessly made our way around the loop course,
Taking advantage of the "free-route" BB status and "winging-it" on the 3 Hayes variant.
[We must have taken another "wing-it" variant because the route ridden came to 69.2-miles, 
Which is 111-kms for the 103k credit. 
8 extra kms --> 24 minutes --> could have done 103-kms in 4h38.]

The ride was made effortless because of Byron's stories.
Thanks, Byron.
Thanks, Gilbert.
Thanks also to Gilbert for all previous rando and route advice.
I've always found his advice to be spot-on.