Wednesday, February 17, 2021

3.5-miles today. Woohoo!

1.6-miles (maybe plus an extra .01 or two) to the target location.  9m,00 sec in sun-bright conditions. 
Severe-clear skies.  Not a cloud to be seen. 
Some follow-up to activity the night before -- not the exercise I documented, but the reason behind that exercise. 
Upon completion of the follow-up, headed back to my hovel. 
Oops, not quite to the stop-sign, I recall that there is a task I forgot to do. 
Circled back.  
0.3-miles,  1m,15sec to complete the "circle"-back.
A piece of equipment returned to its storage location. 
Back on the bike. 
Truly headed for my hovel. 
Fingers get a bit chilly -- that didn't happen on the way to the target location. 
I conclude that the breeze must have a significant North component. 
1.6-miles,  8m,19sec for the return.  
Into the wind, I pedaled harder, I guess. 
Actually, I know. 
Total distance and time-in-motion:  3.5-miles,  18m,34sec. 
All standing.  All in the 39/14 gearing.  Almost all on sidewalks. 
That's my story, and I reckon that I will be sticking to it. 

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