Friday, March 5, 2021

Mar-04: No Clouds, 60+ degrees, but Very Windy

Another "PossumTracking" ride. 
This one rather short as I fit it in between some work and a planned recreational phone call. 
First 3.3-miles round trip to drop off some health + injury claims paperwork back to a friend. 
Then, about 40 minutes of on-line work, which I learned of just as I arrived at the friend's. 
Then, an 18.5-mile "PossumTracking" ride. 
  • all of Honeycutt, then 
  • Bay Leaf Ch Rd to the lake, turn-around and climb back to the intersection with Possum Track Rd, but I did add the Falls Bridge neighborhood loop on the return climb, then 
  • Possum Track all the way to the end, then reverse to 
  • Lindley Rd and through that neighborhood, 
  • to Hardee, Raven Ridge and then onto Brassfield Rd all the way to Durant Rd, then 
  • down the incline of Durant Rd to 
  • Honeycutt, and then back to my abode.  
All while wearing short sleeves and short-legged bibs and short-fingered cycling gloves. 
Perhaps not as much looking around as I might have done, but
I did realize that I was pushing up against the time for the recreational phone call to come in, so 
Even though I thought of taking a couple photographs (of previously photo'd locations), 
I just kept pedaling on. 
IF there is ever anyone that reads this and would like to see a map of the course, 
Check some of the previous "PossumTracking" posts for embedded maps of prior ride maps.

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