Wednesday, June 23, 2010

IvaHawk asked a question

IvaHawk asked a question: 

"... my note was about possible June 26 rides in your absence.
So my question is what do you think about the ...
="Stem - Corinth - EatonRd - MtOlivetChRd "&ROUND(A31,0)&" m. Loop (Start/Finish PUE)"
63 miler ride on the 26th . Is that a good one ?"

My answer: 

All my rides/routes are good ones. ;-)  


The above, reversed:

DocN-Stem-Hester-Mt.Energy-Grissom (this is one of the three "core" rides):

Another route we haven't ridden (was gonna' use it for the final ride of 2009, depending on who rode):
        Figured if I "sprang" that on the crew, the G-P-MVC finish might not seem so bad.
            You may recall Nipper from:
                Approx map of that ride:

And this is a nice route - IMO, Robert's Chapel Rd is a great road to cycle:
    LT dragged me through the above route, 8 days after my crash:
THIS may be the ride you are looking for! I don't think the "IR's" have ever done except for the above time.
    I think we have done all the roads involved more than once, just not in the combination indicated.
        I wonder if there is an existing cue sheet. 
IvaHawk indicated that he is interested in the Cassam-RobertsChapel route for the 26th.
Turns out there isn't a cue sheet.  (Dave and I knew where we were going.  We don' need no stinkin' cue sheets!)

Preparation of a cue sheet can proceed once adequate bribes have been received.  :-0

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